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3 Easy Ways to Take Care of Your Skin

Our skin is the largest of the human body, and is one of our greatest form of protection against infections and such. Keeping our skin healthy keeps this barrier strong and keeps your body guarded. When one gets irritated or dry skin, which forms cracks in the, they are more prone to falling sick and getting infected.

More than that, though, having a skincare routine boosts your confidence. Some may call this superficial, but making an effort to have good skin gives your level of self-assurance a hike. Because you know you’re an effort for yourself, it translates to higher morales when you step into the office, or anywhere even. Personally, I’m not a huge make-up fan, and I don’t think make-up should be a necessity, especially since excessive usage of make-up can worsen the health of your skin; even more so should you neglect skin-care. Skincare, on the contrary, improves your skin and leaves you feeling lighter and cleaner, which is a huge plus with weather like Singapore’s.

Taking care of your skin might seem like a chore, because it can take up some time and there can be so manyyyyyyyy steps, but I want to offer you some quick, easy ways to take care of your skin! These will hardly take up a significant portion of your day.

1. Wash Your Face

Yes, it’s as easy as that! Don’t wait until your night-time shower to get the day’s grime off your face. It doesn’t have to be an elaborate process of washing your face; a quick process of cleanser and water will suffice. If you’re lazy with the cleanser, then a daily schedule of washing your face twice is the day is super quick and easy to accomplish! Before you step out for the day, and right after you return from your work and/or errands, use lukewarm water and gently splash it onto your face. When you wipe your face, don’t use a rough towel and vigorously dry off your face. Instead, use a softer material and gently dab around your face to dry it off.

2. Drink At Least Two Litres of Water Daily

There are the water-drinkers, and then there are the non-water drinkers. If your skin doesn’t get an ample amount of water, the lack of hydration will more than likely turn your skin dry, flaky, and tight. Since water is lost in large quantities daily, it needs to be replaced. While it’s ideal that you drink two litres of water on top of all the food you eat, note that your daily water requirement includes the water you might consume from fruits and vegetables. So, if you’re a non-water drinking starting out on your endeavours to be a water-drinker, start out with smaller goals. Pick out a cute water bottle you would like, and infuse with fruits if you’d like. You can start out with trying to drink 700 millilitres of water, then one litre, and then eventually two. Marie Claire did a little experiment to show the impact of drinking water on one’s skin, but the results also showed how participants felt more refreshed and energised. Thus, your benefits are multifold if you drink enough water!

3. Stay Consistent with Your Facial Products

Too much of anything is bad for you. In the same manner, using too many of the same products is detrimental to your skin. If you alternate between cleansers, toners, lotions and moisturisers, it’s a lose-lose situation. Neither can your skin able to adapt to a certain product and nor can the product consistently work on your skin to make it better. Instead of helping you look and feel better, inconsistency in products is going to give you the opposite effect.

That being said, there’s no harm in switching up products every few months; that’s fine and healthy and good for your skin! It prevents your skin from building an immunity to these products and instead remains receptive to them. The issue is only when there’s a daily or weekly change in your skincare products. One of the most important skincare product would be sunscreen and/or sunblock, especially in Singapore.

Confused about the difference between sunblock and sunscreen? Sunblock is a physical substance, whereby it coats your skin and deflects UVB rays from the sun. Sunscreen, on the other hand, is a chemical substance. It penetrates your skin and blocks them from reaching the upper epidermis of your skin, preventing UVA rays. Sunblock is definitely the preferred choice of those with sensitive skin because it simply sits on top of your skin. Those who are picky and feel uncomfortable with a layer of cream on their skin, sunscreen usually tends to feel lighter. For those who like to be extra protected, you’re in luck! Most brands these days tend to combine both to provide holistic coverage. Be sure to explore different brands and tones of lotions and/or sprays to find the one you like the best. Ideally, you should apply a thin layer at least half an hour before you leave the house; a thick layer that has no time to set is almost as good as not putting anything on.

There you have it! Essential, basic skincare takes really little time, effort, or money, and it goes a long way in the way it lifts your face and gives your self-confidence a push. The way you feel after putting in effort into yourself encourages you to be more self-assured and courageous. It’s really, really effortless, too! So if the idea of skincare being daunting or complicated was putting you off, hesitate no more. It’s a modest and uncomplicated process sure to leave you feeling better!