3 Reasons Why Journals Make Excellent Newborn Gifts

Featured image: Baby Journal via Revel

Other than the fact that Baby Journals are great ways to encourage a culture of memory-keeping, there are numerous benefits of keeping one, especially in the younger years of your child’s development. Documenting your journey with your child, as well as your child’s journey, can help to create a better developmental pattern for them, and a strong bond between mother and child. As opposed to your pregnancy being a flurry of emotions and hectic days, a Baby Journal can keep you grounded and more clear-headed on your journey with your little one. Plus, it’s such a cute way to look back on your memories with your child once they’re older. Baby Journals also help in stress management for new mothers, promoting better mental health and in turn, boosting your physical resilience. You might think that keeping a Baby Journal is just another additional chore, and is just another cause for your to-do list to get longer, but it has been proven that Baby Journals can be beneficial to mother and child. Particularly because a Baby Journal can help you in multiple phases of your child’s growth.

1. Better Health, Better Wealth

Yeah, Baby Journals let you document all the important moments of your baby’s life. They make you smile and giggle when you flip through them, and they let you create special memories that you would have otherwise forgotten about. But here’s the thing: Baby Journals offer a little, magical pro that most parents wouldn’t think about. Because, you see, other than keeping track of your child’s firsts and seconds, Baby Journals also make you subconsciously track their developmental habits and allow you to have a clean record of their health.

Track Their Developmental Habits.

Sure, kids can make do without these. Many of us did. I probably did — at least, I would think so? I don’t think my parents tracked my developmental health as I grew up. But some mothers did, and it helped them out tremendously. It helps you track patterns as your baby is growing up, such as seeing how long they’re sleeping for (which, let’s admit it, is pretty much all these little beings do. Other than eating, of course.) Or how much they’re eating, playing, crying, or staring into space. While experienced mothers may not need this, I would imagine such a journal could help new mothers in making sure their baby stays satisfied, reducing their crankiness and discomfort, by letting them see if their newborn needs more sleep, or food, or perhaps a little bit more playtime.

Help the Doctor (and Yourself) Out

The Doctor’s Visit — a stressful time for the baby, and an overwhelming experience for the new parent. At times like these, you’ll be glad you decided to document the most mundane details about your newborn and their health. How many times they’re eating, how many diaper changes they’re having, when they’re waking at night; all of these details will be helpful to you when you visit their doctor. They also keep your visits efficient and minimal — better health, better wealth indeed.

2. Memorabilia & Bonds

A Baby Journal can be a beautiful gift for your newborn once they’ve grown up, but it can also help you in establishing a special connection with your child when they’re still young, or even during your pregnancy.

  • Bonding in the Early Years

In the words of Lara Hanos-Webb, Ph.D, a psychologist, “Logging your thoughts can help you to to begin developing an attachment to your baby [during your pregnancy].” In fact, after their birth, it can also help you in noticing in what gets the little one excited! Is it classical music? Or a certain toy or colour that has them jumping in their seats? Maybe a little Ariana Grande gets them bobbling and giggling. These menial, but important, facts can help you in creating a bond special to you and your newborn. Moreover, if it’s your second child, it helps you document tidbits that are significant and special to your second child, making this experience exclusive and precious to both of you.

Bonding in the Later Years

Hanos-Webb continues on to say that giving your child the details of their earlier years later on their life can reinforce the unparalleled connection that mother-child share.  It’s difficult to fathom, I know, but your little baby will stop being a little baby one day (very sad, I know. I want to go back to being a baby.) It’s the wonderful memory box for you — and can help you in times! If you’re having a second bundle of joy, and are utterly confused as to how you did it the first time, then you know you have your trusty Baby Journal to back you up.

3. As A Pregnancy Journal

This may not be as much as a gift to your newborn as it is to you, but it definitely will help your newborn. Your pregnancy is one of the most important phases of your child’s growth and development. Coincidentally, it’s also the phase where a ton of mothers feel alone, emotional, and stressed out. Women are also extremely vulnerable — in terms of their mental health — during their pregnancy. This is when a Baby Journal can help out tremendously and is even recommended by various psychiatrists. After all, a mother’s healthy development during and after a pregnancy ensures a better childhood for their newborn.

Helping the Mother

According to the co-author of Life Will Never Be The Same: The Real Mom’s Postpartum Survival Guide and psychologist Diane Sanford, Ph.D., a Baby Journal can help in before and after the birth of your child. Not only does a Baby Journal help you capture intricate details about your pregnancy, it may also help a mother in feeling more lively and satisfied. This is highly likely due to the fact that a journal allows a mother to express their feelings without getting any judgement, and can ease feelings of stress during a period that could feel like an emotional roller coaster. With a better mental state, you’re usually also in an improved physical state, which puts in you a better position for the postpartum phase to take care of your newborn.

With countless applications and social mediums, a Baby Journal may feel outdated and old-fashioned, but applications and such are pretty limited in their scope. They may only offer you to track certain aspect of your baby’s growth and require constant purchases to have additional features, which may still not be enough. They can be deleted at pretty much any time. Physical Baby Journals, on the other hand, let you be flexible with your journaling and stick around forever. What’s more? You won’t be furiously glaring into your phone in the darkness of your room as you key in the details, disrupting your brain and eyes’ resting time. Other than being a gift, a Baby Journal offers great flexibility and durability to a mother wanting to archive her child’s growth 🙂