3 Ways to Prevent or Reduce Foot Calluses

Foot calluses creep up on us like a snake. Before we realise it, there are patches of hard, overprotective skin on the sole of our feet, leaving us feeling uncomfortable. They’re not bad, per say; they don’t hurt or anything, and they’re protective after all. What’s so bad about that?

Well, when calluses build up and get too hard, they crack, which opens your feet to a whole range of infections. It can even get painful. Yeah, I know, who would’ve thought? And while pedicures do get you your regular foot scrubbing, sometimes they aren’t enough, especially if you’re a busy lady. If you’re frequently bustling about and on your feet, the occasional pedicure might not be enough.

Preventing or reducing foot calluses might sound tedious, but there are three super quick ways to go about doing so!

Regular Feet Care

One of the most effective ways is to be regular about your efforts. Even if it’s something as menial as soaking your feet into warm water, purposely do it three times a week. The easiest measures include: soaking your feet in warm water for about 10 minutes and then using a washcloth or pumice stone to gently remove dead skin cells and reduce build-up. Additionally, try to apply a moisturiser every time you do so. This prevents foot calluses effectively but also reduces them if you sense that you’re already prone to growing some.

Home Remedies

If you have the time to go a step further, invest in some ingredients that could you help in exfoliating at home. Epsom salts are one. Add Epsom salts into your feet-soak, and then rub away dead skin away with a pumice stone. It makes your 10-minute session a whole lot more effective. There’s also baking soda pastes that you could use: mix 2 tablespoons of water with some baking soda to create a smooth paste, and finish it off with a few drops of lime juice. Apply the paste to your calluses, and cover it with a gauze or gauze bandage. Repeat this over-nightly until calluses soften and can be scrubbed away.

Commercial Options

This is perhaps the most convenient and fuss-free method of taking care of your feet. There are a ton of commercial options out there that would get rid of your feet calluses quicker than you could imagine. From foot peeling masks and hydrating and softening masks to feet exfoliation creams, one is simply spoilt for choice.

I think self-care for women is often depicted as a tedious, long process that’s done solely for their looks, but the narrative needs to be changed. Taking care of yourself is important because you deserve the best body you can offer yourself, if only to make sure that it can keep up with the speed of your mind. Taking care of yourself doesn’t have to be troublesome, it doesn’t have to be long, and it doesn’t have to be complicated. And the goal isn’t to be perfect either. It’s solely to offer yourself and your body some rest, and give it time to repair with whatever time you may have.