4 Reasons Why Strong Women Make Time to Journal

1. Journalling is reflective.

By putting your thoughts into words and penning down the day’s events, you inadvertently reflect on your actions and what you did great, as well as what you could have done better. Make it even better for your personal growth by adding in a few key learning points you discovered during the day. As time goes by, read back on your past entries and marvel at how much better you have gotten to know yourself.

2. Journalling is a way of getting your feelings out.

You’ve probably heard many times that it’s not healthy to bottle up one’s feelings. But what do you do if you don’t have a confidant or prefer to keep things to yourself? By spilling your thoughts and feelings into a journal, you’ll alleviate a great amount of emotional stress and let the words flow. It’s like having a close friend to whom you can confide everything. And the best thing? Nobody is there to judge you. You can freely write about your thoughts without having to consider if the other party may take offence to something you say.

3. Keep track of your mood.

Have you ever had a mood diary? With a journal, you can jot down how your mood changes each day, and the factors that caused you to feel that way. When you’ve done it for long enough to have a trend, you can easily see what tends to make you happy, and what brings you down. Act on that by spending more time doing the things you love. Avoid the situations that dampen your spirit. Just like that, you’ll be a happier woman, and you’ll find it easier to be calm and level-headed when you’re put into a tough situation.

4. Spark your creativity.

Writing is good for the soul. If you’re writing from the heart, it’s even better. Coherence is a learned art – by practising articulating your thoughts and feelings into text that others can understand, you’re also improving how efficiently you convey ideas. This is an indispensable skill no matter what you’re doing. Whether you’re conversing with your colleagues, significant other or your children, when you know exactly what you want to say and how you want to say it, you’ll have that much more power over how you present yourself.

Do you keep a journal? It’s never too late to begin. Get started with your favourite cover and layout – trust me, journalling will be all the more enjoyable if you’ve got the right environment for it. Keep it up for a few weeks, and you’ll have cultivated a healthy habit to grow into an even stronger woman.