We should relay our gratefulness and love every day if we can, but it never harms to pamper your mum every once in a while!

5 Simple & Heartwarming Ideas for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is around the corner! If your case is any similar to mine, and your mum is busy over the weekend, then the Mother’s Day treats spillover to the following week.

Mother’s Day may be celebrated in different ways across different countries, or even over families, but it shares a meaning regardless of language or origin: a day of appreciation for your mother. It’s very common that our mothers get taken for granted; these wonderful ladies spend a significant portion of their lives taking care of us, of keeping us fed and sheltered, and they try their best to ensure that the little beings run around their house grow up to be great adults.

So, if you want to treat your mother this weekend (or over the coming week), but are running out of ideas, here are a few of them:

1. Decorative wall art

Wall art can be a range of different items: from actual artwork to graphic design, or even photography. Use her favourite colour or photo as a source of inspiration and go ahead with gifting her decorative wall art. Not only will this amp up her bedroom or living room, but it would also hold a special significance to her every time she glances at it. When you gift it to her, it creates a unique sentimental meaning that is difficult to attain.

2. A day of small treats!

You know what’s better than one big surprise? Multiple, little surprises. Imagine a day of getting all the things you love every other hour: that’s exactly how your mum would feel! You can start off the day with a homemade breakfast-in-bed, and maybe a mani-pedi session was done by yours truly. There are little treats you could spread across the duration of the day: meals cooked by your family for her, her favourite cake, small gifts; anything that would make her day easier, you can do! You could also present her with items that would make her office or housework easier, such as a bed-desk.

3. An exciting outing

There’s a bunch of places to bring your mum to let loose and have some fun! I mean, Singapore is known for its range of never-ending malls – you could bring her out for a day of shopping! Even better though, is the fact that this little island is not short of interesting adventures you could bring your mum to. There’s the naturalistic Gardens by the Bay, or a fun, cultural trip to the Singapore Art Museum or Art-Science Museum. For the more active mother, there are hiking and kayaking experiences you could go for. Whatever your mum likes, there’s definitely something for her to enjoy!

Does your mum have a hobby she loves? Knitting, painting, or perhaps a sport like volleyball? There’s an array of items you could get to help them further their hobby. Or perhaps, introduce them to one: pottery, zumba, or even language classes. These don’t have to be expensive or bought, too. You could use their hobby or craft and make them something for them or with them! Show them that their hobbies matter to you and that you love them for that.

5. DIY handicraft

Building up on the previous point, making something for your mother from scratch might be the sweetest thing you could do! Be it a painting, or a few papers of poetry, or even just a card, gifting an item that shows thought and conscious effort is sometimes more than enough. You can even personalise it in accordance to inside jokes or precious memories you could have had with your mum thus far.

At the end of the day, Mother’s Day is about appreciation and love. And yes, we should relay our gratefulness and love every day if we can, but it never harms to pamper your mum every once in a while! And what day better than Mother’s Day — where it’s dedicated specifically to the motherhood of the amazing lady in your life? So, go forth, and have fun with your mum! Be it a gift or an experience, she’s bound to love it.