9 Things to #SupportSGBrands While Also Supporting Your Growth

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Heightened alert, circuit breaker, lockdown, however you label it, it’s here. Our small businesses are re-strategising, pivoting, and adapting. (And, as always, if you want even more sales coverage, sign up for our email newsletter.)

Globally marketed products tend to steal the spotlight when it comes to solutions related to self-improvement, but local brands shouldn’t be overlooked. After all, “Finding the right solution can be tricky. You want something that’ll be useful, not just because it’s been overly-marketed,” says Ann Thomas, owner of Revel, a downtown SG-owned retailer. Ann suggests considering supporting local brands as “a long-term part of your lifestyle solution”. She says, “I rarely shop, but when I do, it’s nice when it’s a brand I can relate to – whether describing the weather or our unique Singaporean culture.”