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Benefits of Journaling through Gout

Journaling keeps those struggling with the condition on top of their symptoms and behaviours to help provide improved health outcomes.

Anybody suffering from gout is best served when doing everything in their power to manage and soothe symptoms.

Of course, the above notion is easier said than done. Life’s challenging enough without gout flareups and other related stressors.

There’s one useful method that’s aided many gout sufferers cope with repeated bouts.

Namely, keeping a journal is believed to establish a firm sense of control over gout symptoms.

Improving Your Diet

One expert sourcepoints to tracking triggers, such as food consumption, when dealing with gout. It’s specifically recommended to avoid foods with significant purine levels—but overall calorie intake is also of vast importance.

With purine, there are lists online of foods with lower levels.

Alternatively, learning which foods contain high purine levels is equally vital.

Another suggestion, specifically for those who must drop a few kilos or stone, is writing times and locations of meals. Late-night snacks, work-desk snacks, or other questionable dietary choices keep gout-sufferers further away from their optimal weight.

Writing these factors down paints a complete picture and keeps people aware of their dietary decisions. It then becomes easier to figure out which foods and eating times inflame the symptoms. From there, grows the ability to avoid those behaviours.

Furthermore, tracking the emotions felt, during meals or snacks, keeps people accountable. Ice cream, pizza, and crisps are all comfort foods eaten during sadder times, almost unconsciously. These unhealthier treats worsen gout symptoms. Whereas mood awareness and tracking, through journaling, prevent poor eating decisions.

A final consideration for this section is tracking fluid intake. Drinking enough water is a must, and journaling is conducive to keeping up with the necessary number of glasses. Conversely, alcohol is a primary contributor to inflamed gout symptoms.

Increasing Exercise

Since weight and gout are intertwined, exercise is a must in staving off those extra kilos and preventing symptoms.

Newlifeoutlook states that an exercise journal keeps people accountable and consistent with routines. After all, seeing is believing, and writing it all down will directly convey progress and acts as motivation.

There’s also the matter of recording sleep patterns. Lacking in rest takes a toll on the immune system and contributes to weight gain. Fortunately, journaling improves related issues such as insomnia.

Getting Through Gout

Gout flareups are debilitating and take a significant toll on one’s quality of life. Journaling keeps those struggling with the condition on top of their symptoms and behaviours to help provide improved health outcomes.

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