Hard to Say I Love You.

Planning for Productivity

Getting into the habit of jotting down everything that you have to, big or small, goes a long way in ridding you of the mental stress that comes with trying to remember everything and complete it all.
The Laziness Lie

The Laziness Lie

We live in a world where hard work is recognised in a positive light, and having needs and/or limits are considered to be shameful. Laziness. For most of us, these principles are absorbed right from childhood through years of observations. It is therefore no surprise why so many of us are constantly overworking ourselves.

Habits: How A 3-Week Reflections Challenge Can Help

Journaling helps us get the clarity we need to pursue our ideas and swing for the fences. It is the deepest sense of self-awareness washing our minds before we allow anything else inside of it. But it isn't easy to start.