Giving Thanks to Loved Ones

The year is drawing to a close. Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons are upon us, and a cheery atmosphere has started to befall upon all of us. Affection for friends and family generally runs high at this time, as do periods of reflection, growth, and understanding. I’m not great at expressing myself emotionally, but I do my best to express gratitude to people who have supported me and given me the strength to continue in my pursuits. And the end of the year really is such an optimal time to express your thanks. As another year draws to a close, I want to encourage you to take a step forward in outwardly cherishing the people or the causes that mean a lot to you.

Send a letter/message of thanks.

Sending your family members or friends a message or card remains to be an exceptionally sweet thing to do. This makes them feel cared about, and it lets them know that you don’t take anything they do for granted. It’s simple and small, yet such a thoughtful step that you’re bound to make them feel appreciated.

Create a Thank You board or a Gratitude Journal

Sometimes it’s difficult to see all that we should be grateful for because we feel loaded with negativity and worries about our life instead. At times like these, a Thank You board or a gratitude journal go a long way in resetting your perspective and having a more optimistic outlook on your life. It’s not easy when you start out, but start by slowly filling out these boards. Post your favourite photos, or write down excerpts about the things and people you feel thankful for. Not only does this give you a more positive reframing, it also strengthens your bond with the people around you and your surroundings.

Pay it forward

There’s no time like now to support a charity or a cause or donate some blood that you had been thinking about getting down to do. Charity does not have to be overt or extravagant, and neither does it always have to be solely monetary. You could spend time at food kitchens to aid in making food, or you could do something as effective as a beach clean-up. Other than that, there are numerous organisations out there that would take in donations, food, and/or vouchers to make the lives of their subsidiary recipients easier.

Personally, I have many things I would want to change about how my 2019 has gone, but the one realisation I’ve had is that I truly have some friends that I am ultimately very, very grateful to have. Reflecting upon their generosity and understanding, I want to take the remaining time left in this year to appreciate the acts of kindness and love I’ve had the honour to have, and I hope you have the chance to do so. It creates a deeper bond between you and your life, and the person you believe yourself to be.