Combat the Psychological Effects of Covid-19 on Children

Right Now: 8-Step Happiness Formula for Kids

Not just a nation, but almost the entire world is now stripped back to the basics. It is so important that our kids remember and take notice of all the small things in life that can boost their joy.

Make Your Bed

Help your child start every morning with a sense of pride by accomplishing the first task of their day. This small act and rewarding feeling will encourage her/him to accomplish more along the day.

Style Your Breakfast

If a meal looks good, we think it tastes better. While this helps in getting the young ones to eat their fruits and vegetables, it also adds to their pride, and sense of accomplishment.


Simply because it’s ridiculously humid in Singapore – COIVD or no COVID. Plus, they’d feel motivated to commit to their day’s activities if they were dressed for it.

A Daily Walk

Just some minutes around your block would boost their mood, and assist in resetting their body and mind.

Write Lists

There are two kinds of list both kids and us ought to be writing: productivity lists and gratitude lists.

Eye breaks

Make them a mug of cocoa, and encourage eye breaks. Whether to savour the moment or to force a breather from games — the sunlight and fresh air from beside an open window are one of those simple pleasures that shouldn’t go unnoticed right now.


A page-turner that hooks them from the first word is always good for the soul.

Write & Reflect

Parents who were looking for ways to help their child get started on remembering their thoughts and reflecting on their feelings would find this to be the ideal time to start. Remind them that there will be a time in the future where people will find this period we’re living in to be fascinating — and would want to learn more about our experiences, feelings, and coping strategies.