The Importance of Rituals in Everyday Life

What you will learn:

  • Why rituals are crucial to our wellbeing
  • What type of rituals you can create
  • How to incorporate them into your lifestyle
  • The importance of gratitude
  • How to live in the present moment
  • How to create joy in your everyday life
  • What others say about cultivating rituals

Rituals Around the World

The subject of happiness has always been close to my soul. As soon as I
received my Masters Degree in Philosophy, I packed my suitcase and
embarked on a long journey of self-discovery that took me to many countries
and continents around the world.

I was fascinated by different cultures and various ways of living that I
encountered along the way: from vibrant streets of Johannesburg in South
Africa to tropical beaches of Barbados.

Simply travelling wasn’t enough. I wanted to immerse myself in all those
fascinating worlds that I only began to discover and experience the local life.
How it really was. Having endless conversations with people I met and
carefully observing my surroundings, gave me some unforgettable insights
into daily life in over 40 countries that I had a privilege to visit.

In every country that I visited, people cultivated their own daily rituals that I
found really interesting and later on managed to incorporate it into my own life.
They included several activities such as meditation, the use of aromatherapy,
reading self-development books or listening to motivational videos, reflections
journaling, surrounding oneself with positive affirmations through special
everyday items, family gratitude sessions, gift-giving, music sessions, tea
ceremonies, beauty treatments, and many more.

An often-neglected truth is that through small actions we take on a daily basis,
we can add better health, joy, peace of mind, and success to our lives.

“There is a comfort in rituals, and rituals provide a framework for stability when you are trying to find answers.”

Deborah Norville

Mindset Matters

In every country that I’ve been to I could see some similarities. I met rich
people who didn’t seem too satisfied with their lives and I met poor, but still
hard-working people, who seemed to have everything in terms of their ability
to enjoy life. I started asking myself a question that often comes back to me in
one form or another: what do these people have in common, how do they
manage to stay happy and begin everyday with a smile on their faces while
others seem grumpy and annoyed most of the time?

Being grateful for what you have and appreciating small things seems one
of the answers. When you don’t have too many possessions and complicated
things to take care of, your life becomes really simple. You wake up and start
your day being grateful that you are healthy, that you can watch the sunrise,
see the faces of your friends and family, have a healthy meal, enjoy the
outdoors, sunshine, and fresh air.

We don’t need much to feel good. In our overcomplicated modern world we
tend to forget about some basic things such as the value of human
connection, time spent in nature, having time to simply disconnect and

And that’s exactly where daily rituals come in. By repeating some simple
actions every day, we make time and create a space for celebrating precious
moments and cultivating gratitude for what we already have. We connect with
other people (our friends, family, loved ones) in a meaningful way that brings
joy and creates memories.

“I learned a few years ago that balance is the key to a happy and successful life, and a huge part of achieving that balance is to instill rituals into your everyday life – a nutritious balanced diet, daily exercise, time for yourself through meditation, reading, journaling, yoga, daily reflection, and setting goals.”

Gretchen Bleiler

New Experiences

One year before he passed away, I had the pleasure to meet a very talented
fashion designer and an extraordinary personality, Mr Kenzo Takada, the
founder of KENZO and the honorary president of the Asian Couture
Federation. During our short conversation in Medellin, Colombia, where Mr.
Takada was invited as a special guest of Colombiamoda 2019, I asked about
his secret to happiness. KENZO brand has always been for me a synonym
of positive energy, sophisticated creativity, and limitless energy—all the
features that Mr Takada was showing on stage during the fashion event in
Medellin and he for sure looked 20 years younger than he really was.

“Trying new things,” he replied. “It doesn’t matter how old you are, you
should always look for new experiences. That keeps you young, alive, and
provides a lot of joy.”

“And LOVE,” he added after a while.

New experiences were always very important to me. Several studies in
psychology and human behaviour show that happiness is very much
connected with positive experiences and with creating unforgettable,
meaningful moments with other people as opposed to accumulating material
possessions and simply buying more stuff. The vicious circle of consumerism
doesn’t make us happy in the long run.

So that became my daily ritual. Trying to find something new in every single
day. Changing my routine, searching for new experiences that will keep me
curious and will enrich my everyday life.

Precious Moments

Why rituals matter? They help us to be present, to experience the moment
and live in the NOW with more joy end enthusiasm, and to be fully aware of
what’s happening around us. They create memories and build a special
connection with other people or—in case of meditation, yoga or journaling—
they provide a better understanding of oneself.

Through my freelance journalistic work I meet a lot of successful, inspiring
people. I had a chance to conduct interviews with famous Haute Couture
designers, such as Guo Pei, Yumi Katsura or Alexis Mabille and I always
used to ask them about their daily habits and rituals, because they matter
much more than we tend to think. Except the incredible talent and hard work
of those people, the secret to their success lies in great discipline and time
management, structured days, and cultivating their daily rituals to create
balance and joy in their everyday lives.

“The key to forming good habits is to make them part of your ‘rituals.’ I have a morning ritual, afternoon ritual, and Sunday ritual. It’s one way to bundle good habits into regular times that you set aside to prepare yourself for the life you want. Rituals help you form habits.”

Lewis Howes

Just recently, I had the pleasure to encounter a very inspiring person based in
San Francisco, California. Mr Sanjiv Goyal, a futurist, biohacker, angel
investor, radio show host, and Silicon Valley entrepreneur, is “paving the way
for humanity to embrace the disruptive world of cutting-edge technology.” And
there is no doubt that he is super successful in everything he does.

If you look at Mr. Goyal’s LinkedIn profile, you will be amazed with the amount
of his professional achievements. And that’s what separates successful
people from the rest—their daily routine and several rituals repeated with
dedication and commitment. Thanks to their days being structured, they manage to make better use of their time, stay well-organised, and more

Mr Goyal’s was kind enough to share his daily routine and rituals with me, so
let’s have a look at how his typical day looks like. I hope it will inspire you to
create your own structure and incorporate rituals into your daily life.

“My Ritual” by Sanjiv Goyal

  • Wake up at 5:30 am
  • Start with 20 minutes of meditation
  • 2-3 minutes sun gazing – activate pineal gland which secretes both melatonin and serotonin
  • Idea journaling (depends on the day)
  • Shower with 1-3 minutes of Cold Shower
  • 2 minutes gratitude and prayer
  • Put tea to boil
  • 7 chin-ups, 20 legs up, and ten counts old-fashioned hanging on the bar
  • Listen to my affirmations and repeat
  • Meta Tea for breakfast; no carb or protein in the morning
  • Check my email, messages, and phone, etc.
  • 8:00 am leave for office
  • I typical observe intermittent fasting, so I eat before 7:00 pm
  • Before I go to bed: 7 chin-ups, 20 legs up, and ten counts old-fashioned hanging on the bar
  • Avoid watching TV or computer before going to bed
  • 30-60 minutes calls with family members and close friends (except Thursday, Friday, and Saturday)
  • 20-30 minutes recap of the day and schedule tasks in my calendar, including email response to be sent out next day
  • Listen to my affirmations in the background
  • Take my supplements
  • 5-10 minutes of gratitude and meditation
  • Go to bed by 11:00 pm

Squash – Thursday
Hot Yoga – Friday
Hiking 3-6 hours long – Saturday

As you can see daily rituals can add a lot of value to our life, enrich our days,
and help us create more meaningful, happy lives that we are all craving. In
reality, there is no “secret to happiness”, no magic recipe that we can follow if
we want to bring more joy and satisfaction into our life. Happiness is a
journey; it is a continuous process that we create by our thoughts and small
actions repeated daily. The rituals help us experience joy and peace of mind,
and share that positive energy with other people bringing us closer and
making us stronger. And that’s probably the only secret there is…

“There is only one success—to be able to spend your life in your own way.”

Chistopher Darlington Morley,
American Novelist

About the Author
Eva Fydrych is a journalist, photographer, artist, founder & art director of Fashion Studio
Magazine and Travelling In Style. She is currently based in tropical Puerto Vallarta,
Mexico. You can find her on Instagram: @fashionstudiomagazine.